Our Board

Our board is committed to being true Friends of the Asian Elephant.

Board of Directors

Mr. Sayam Arun Srimorakot, Chairman of the Board
Mr. Surapon Duangkhae, Vice Chairman of the Board
Ms. Chutinan Klambow, Board Treasurer
Ms. Soraida Salwala, Founder, Board of Directors, Secretary General
Mr. Srisuwan Janya, Board of Directors

Staff List

Ms. Soraida Sanwala, Founder
Dr. Preecha Phaungkum, Co-Founder & Director of Medical Services
Dr. Crueahtong Kayan, “Kay,” Deputy Director, Elephant Veterinarian
Ms. Nittaya Krasaetham, “Oui,” Accountant & Financial Administrator
Ms. Viyaporn Punyadee, Administrative Assistant