Our Residents

Having operated for over 23 years, FAE Elephant Hospital has now treated more than 4,000 elephants. This includes 737 inpatients and 952 outpatients, as well as 2,582 elephants treated through the Mobile Vets Project.

Currently, we have five full-time residents who have either been rescued from their owners or have been donated so that they may be cared for by the hospital. They are permanent resident in-patients, who cannot leave the hospital because they require intensive, full-time care. Additionally, there is one younger long-term inpatient, Dante, but will eventually leave when he is well and old enough.

Our keepers are extremely dedicated to their elephants as demonstrated through their 24-hour care. Keepers take up permanent residence in the rooms adjacent to their elephant’s pen, will provide warmth by fire on cold nights, and even sleep within an enclosure should the infant elephants not want to sleep alone. Our elephants and keepers share a special bond built over years of trust and commitment.

Read about each family and have the opportunity to support their continued care.

Mosha & Phaladee


Auan & Jaran

Bobo & Lamae

Boonmee & Yutapong

Dante & Noppakorn

Our Former Residents