Auan & Jaran

Auan is our oldest resident but that sure doesn’t slow her down. She’s known to free herself from the enclosure when Jaran leaves the hospital for a day or two. On one occasion, the entire staff couldn’t find her until Jaran returned, shortly before Auan came running back. Needless to say, he lets her know when he leaves now.


Auan’s Story

At 53 years old, Auan is the oldest permanent resident at FAE Elephant Hospital.

Fifteen years ago, a Major in the military called FAE Elephant Hospital after he found a pregnant elephant, Auan, at a temple. Dr. Preecha traveled with the Mobile Vet Project to see Auan and deemed her fit enough to travel to the hospital. Once at the hospital, a full medical check was done and it was found that she was not only pregnant, but also suffering from an eye infection.

Her disease took long to heal, but under the close care of her keeper, Jaran, and the hospital’s doctors, Auan made a full recovery.

In 1999, she gave birth to her baby, Pooh Pah, but unfortunately, three years later, faced a loss when Pooh Pah passed away from complications with sudden pneumonia.

Despite her trials, Auan is one of the permanent residents that is in full physical health now. Because of this, she gets the privilege to use the chain-free coral area every day in efforts to keep her spirits high.


Auan’s Keeper

Jaran is one of the only people Auan warms up to now. He seems to make her feel calm and safe in his presence, which means she never lets him leave her sight! Auan is even known to let herself out in order to find him while he’s out cutting grass for her. Outside of daily feeding and management of her enclosure, Jaran helps clean Auan’s eyes as they tend to get weepy, and walks her to and from the chain-free coral area.

He will continue to bring warmth and comfort into Auan’s every day.


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