Motala and Somchai

Before Motala, Somchai had never worked with elephants. When Soraida asked if he was up for it, he responded “I’ll try.” 15 years later, Somchai has more than proved himself. The two are inseparable.

Motala’s Story

Motala has been with us for 16 years since she first stepped on a landmine and will continue as a permanent resident. She is famous for being the world’s second elephant to ever receive an artificial limb, but unfortunately, she is not as receptive of the prosthetic as we would hope. Because of her growth and the nature of her injury (and the risk of bedsores) she is quite uncomfortable when wearing the leg.

When she first came to the hospital, her injury and discomfort caused her to become socially withdrawn and lose her appetite. But Somchai helped her overcome the initial shock of her injury. He spent his time soothing and comforting Motala in order to calm her distress and, now, she has adjusted to life with an injury. His support has helped keep Motala’s friendly nature intact.


Motala’s Keeper

When Motala isn’t using her prosthetic leg Somchai keeps a protective wrapping on her injury to keep her infection-free. He works closely with the vets to make sure she is out of pain and not injuring herself, trying to compensate for her injured leg.

Somchai has been caring for Motala for 15 years and only hopes to continue to bring her comfort as she lives happily at FAE Elephant Hospital.


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