Boonmee & Yutapong

Have you ever heard an elephant rumble? You will when you meet Boonmee. She’s our most people-friendly (and curious) resident and she loves to “talk.” In fact, she and Soraida even chat on the phone at times. When Yutapong puts the phone to Boonmee’s ear, and she hears Soraida’s voice, she rumbles back in excitement.

Boonmee’s Story

Boonmee is another permanent resident at FAE Elephant Hospital. Boonmee’s right foot, also injured by a landmine, is still healing and requires intensive care. Despite her very friendly nature, she still can never rejoin her elephant camp as she’s unfit to walk normally. Boonmee requires special mats to rest her feet on to relieve her from the pressure and pain as she heals.

Regardless her condition, she still loves having company. The second she sees a new visitor at FAE Elephant Hospital, she is at the edge of her pen ready for some attention!


Boonmee’s Keeper

Yutapong knows it has been a long road to recovery for Boonmee, but his outlook is positive. Along with the usual duties of feeding and cleaning Boonmee, Yutapong is responsible for helping apply medicine to her injured foot daily as well as removing and scrubbing clean the special mats that she has to walk on. He works closely with the vets to administer treatments and help her heal.


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