Our Former Residents

Although some of our long-term residents are no longer with us, we will always remember them in our hearts.

Pooh Pah

Passed: 2002

Pooh Pah’s passing took everyone at FAE by surprise. She was Auan’s (one of our permanent residents) baby, whose health had been in good standing for three years since her birth. The post-mortem seemed to conclude that Pooh Pah had acute pneumonia caused by recent sudden rain showers and cold weather. All of us, especially Auan, felt a great loss and mourned her death.

Pung Kammee

Passed: July 8, 2002

Pung Kammee came into FAE’s caring hands in 1997 as a sick elephant who suffered from amphetamine addiction. The addiction stemmed from the owner feeding her synthetic stimulants to keep her awake at night to continue participating in illegal logging operations. Once brought to FAE, the vets weaned her off drugs, but Pung Kammee’s general medical condition deteriorated, causing her much pain. With stiff front legs and swelling of the abdomen, her liver failed to function and after one last collapse, FAE made the decision to perform euthanasia to ease her suffering.


Passed: December 7, 2009

Tahnee was a beloved permanent resident of FAE. She was initially brought to the hospital because she was pseudo pregnant: meaning that her body and hormones were reacting as if she were pregnant, even though she was testing negative. She remained at the hospital for years until, in her final days, she started showing strong signs of old age (e.g., not eating and lying down a lot). Tahnee passed peacefully in 2009.


Passed: October 4, 2010

Tanthong, our beloved blind elephant, had been with us since April 1997. She was 79 years old, but was strong both in physicality and spirit. She was very fond of Baby Mosha and, therefore, spent most of her time with her. We called her “Granny Tanthong” as she was the clear matriarch to Mosha. Unfortunately, her digestion gradually became poorer as she aged and she eventually stopped eating and became weak. On a sad day in 2010, Tanthong collapsed and left FAE forever.

Pung Ekhe

Passed: December 7, 2012

FAE Elephant Hospital first heard of Ekhe by the same Major in the military who called about Auan. She had fallen down a hill beside a temple and had broken her leg. It was determined her leg was broken for quite some time, which led her wounds on her foot, leg, and stomach to be extremely infected. She was also malnourished as she couldn’t walk well to forage properly. Once she was brought to FAE, she ultimately made a full recovery and spent the remainder of her days in care and rehabilitation at FAE.

Ekhe’s past made her a stoic who can endure pain. Her ability to accept her suffering made her life one of merit. Perhaps it is for this reason that she was so popular with the other elephants in the hospital.