Dante & Noppakorn

Sneaky and squeaky – that’s Dante in a nutshell. Whenever he wants food or attention, you’ll hear him chirping away like a landlocked seal. Luckily, Noppakorn likes his chatting as much as Dante likes the company. The two converse every day, especially when bananas are involved.


Dante’s Story

Dante was a malnourished newborn elephant when he was first brought to FAE Elephant Hospital. This left him in a state now where he cannot grow like a normal elephant. Dante will always be stunted, never achieving full size for an elephant.

But this hasn’t stopped Dante from developing emotionally. Like most young elephants, Dante is playful and cheeky. He loves spending time in the pond at FAE Elephant Hospital, but will pout if he doesn’t have it all to himself! He will also grab the cellphone from Noppakorn, his keeper, when he recognizes the voice of his other friend, Soraida.

Dante will soon be enrolled in the National Elephant Institute (NEI) school system, where he will learn the basic commands and actions needed for young elephants to help their mahouts and veterinarians properly care for them.

Dante is just a long-term patient at FAE. When he is deemed healthy and strong enough (and has undergone proper schooling), he will return back to his owner and continue his career.


Dante’s Keeper

Outside of constant “chatting” and attention-giving, Noppakorn looks after Dante to make sure he is eating properly and taking supplements to aid in his growth and health. Noppakorn will also facilitate play dates with nearby patients, which brings both keeper and elephants hope that he will soon be able to live a happy life outside The Elephant Hospital.


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