Our Projects

Friend’s of Asian Elephant Foundation has six projects that are currently active:

  • Elephant Hospital Project (The World’s First): As FAE’s largest focus, we care for 5 full-time in patients, as well as a total of 54 other in-patients in 2015.
  • Mobile Vets Project: A very active and high in-demand project, FAE will travel to help diagnosis and treat elephants on site throughout Northern Thailand. The Mobile Vets project aided 82 elephants in 2015.
  • Controlling and Managing Rampaging Elephants & Those in Musth: When elephants are abused or are feeling trapped, they will sometimes go on a rampage, endangering their own lives and those of people around them. The same can be said for male (bull) elephants when their hormones peak at mating time. The doctors at FAE Elephant Hospital are ready to travel at any time to help secure these elephants and keep them from harm, as those without proper knowledge often harm or even kill these creatures in efforts to contain them.
  • Employment and Problem-Solving for Elephants: Fortunately, many owners and keepers are either seeking advice to improve the conditions of their elephants or are willing to learn. In other cases, there are problems with elephants that owners and keepers are unable to solve on their own. That is why FAE Elephant Hospital with their vets provide ongoing education as well as being available to advise elephant keepers on the conditions of their elephants and how they are cared for.
  • Local & International Networking: The community of elephant conservationists is shrinking with the population of elephants in Thailand and SE Asia. As the community declines, the care and advocacy for elephants’ decline as well. FAE is actively connecting with others groups with similar missions to preserve the Asian elephant, working with governments and policymakers, and bringing their message to the forefront of the public.
  • Fundraising for Head Office Operating Costs: The vital operations of the Foundation for the Asian Elephant and FAE Elephant Hospital (with running costs over 12 million baht in 2015) simply could not continue without active fundraising and raising public awareness. It is very important that operations continue in a sustainable, uninterrupted way.