Our Nursery

Our nursery opened on March 13, 2014, Thai National Elephant Day, thanks to the generous donations from Mr. Ekarat Luangsaard.

The nursery provides care to an elephant during its pregnancy, during birthing, and at least six months post-birth. The post-birth timeframe is probably the most delicate of stages with captive elephants as they may never have witnessed the process of pregnancy or infant birth. Since elephants naturally learn through observation, not instinct, it’s important for newborns to closely follow their mothers in the first few months to mimic feeding and movement behaviors. Captive elephant mothers can often become scared of what they are experiencing and there is a high rate of infant rejection. Our nursey closely observes the relationship of mother and infant to ensure the proper nursing and bonds are forming between them.

Outside the nursery is the Thai numeral “9” prounounced gao, a special symbol in Thailand. It is meant to pay homeage to the King of Thailand, King Rama IX.

This inspired Soraida to name our nursery’s first baby, Porn Gao, meaning “Nine Blessings.” Porn Gao was born a healthy baby girl on November 14, 2015, to mother, Jokia. Porn Gao shares a father with our Dante and Ploy.