Our Patient Care

Whether traveling to outpatients or taking inpatients, we have treated and cared for over 4,000 elephant cases in need in our 20+ years of existence.

Average monthly patients’ spans across three categories, including: hospital in patients, out-patients, and the mobile veterinary services. We’ve had 737 inpatients and 952 outpatients over 23 years. The average treatment rate breaks down to approximately 72 cases per year, giving about six new cases per month on average for in and out-patient elephants combined.

At the same time, the Mobile Vets Project has treated an average of 114 elephants per year, giving just under 10 cases per month. Together, the elephants treated at the hospital and via the mobile unit (4,271) since 1993 average a total of nearly 186 per year, or just under 16 per month.




We treat every elephant from calve to senior-adult, both bulls and cows, with conditions ranging from minor discomforts to major complications and risks. The most common cases we see now are keeper inflicted, meaning injuries to the elephants are caused by improper care – eye infections caused by extreme sun exposure, digestive problems and constipation caused by dehydration, or wounds from malpractice with training tools.

Below is a list of several other conditions and cases we have treated:

  • Parturition management (pre through post)
  • Baby elephant management and care
  • Low weight and malnutrition
  • Central nervous system treatment
  • Gastrointestinal treatment
  • General / whole body treatment
  • Endocrine system and testosterone treatment
  • Integumentary system treatment
  • Musculoskeletal system treatment
  • Reproductive system issues
  • Special sensory treatment
  • Urinary system and infection treatment
  • Respiratory system treatment
  • Cardiovascular system treatment
  • Ventral edema
  • Disorder of teeth and/or tusk
  • Deworming and vitamins
  • Loss of limb
  • Cuts and wounds