Our Care

FAE Elephant Hospital aims to provide care to any sick or injured elephants across Thailand – no matter the circumstances, at no cost.

In addition to our team’s wealth of knowledge and skill, they’re committed to travel any distance to advise on care for the sick or injured elephants.

One of the most important things about FAE Elephant Hospital is our pioneering work in the cases of severely injured or sick elephants. We have performed surgeries for removal of tumors, amputations after landmine injury, and then conceived and help develop many groundbreaking treatment methods for the sick or injured elephants.

Our services include:

  • Diagnosis of injuries and illnesses
  • Vaccinations
  • Treatments, such as antibiotics, creams, natural herbal medicines (internal and external), and surgery
  • Pregnancy and newborn care in our nursery
  • Mobile veterinarian visits for diagnosis and/or treatment in the field
  • Consultations with owners and/or employers in the field regarding care for their sick or injured elephant
  • Transport of elephants to and from the hospital
  • Prosthesis fitting and development in our new state-of-the-at prosthesis factory
  • Balanced diets specific to each elephant’s needs
  • Tranquilization to help control rampaging elephants or bulls in musth to prevent injury to themselves

Our Patient Care

Our Nursery

Our Prosthesis Factory